Vacuum For Your Kitchen – Hoover LINX Cordless Stick


Hoover Linx Cordless Stick BH50010 Vacuum CleanerIt seems like Hoover has overtaken the entire platform and the rest could do nothing but make a curious look with its wide array of vacuum selections. As I’ve always said, Hoover is a name that speaks for itself; going beyond the possibilities of ingenuity and skilled craft. Out of the number of cleaning devices that Hoover have introduced into the market, there’s only one thing that comes out strong from a choice of vacuum cleaner reviews- they’re worth the price.

Becoming the best vacuum cleaner or any other device is a matter of continuous upgrade and enhancements. For Hoover who has traversed the limits of traditional vacuums, there’s always a new thing to appreciate, and more than that, a machine to be proud of. Take for instance the latest vacuum device topping the headlines of vacuum cleaner reviews–LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum. As we like it, having a vacuum cleaner that works well without cord is simply a great convenience. With a fade-free and interchangeable battery, you won’t worry about the hassle of moving lengthy cords. Top it up with WindTunnel technology and you’ll enjoy vacuuming even to the hard reach areas, and do the actual brushing with a motorized digital tool coupled with edge-cleaning bristles makes daily cleaning chores really rewarding. All these and more is found in the whole package of Hoover’s latest LINX vacuum.

WindTunnel Technology

Hoover’s consistent and patented WindTunnel Technology remained their leading advantage against other brands which places the newest Hoover LINX Cordless into recognition. This bagless and cordless stick vacuum cleaner utilizes powerful spinning brushes combined with three suction channels that pick up dust and dirt. The unit has a motorized power brush that lifts dirt even in the innermost part of thick and luxurious carpeting. It also has a single-touch switch button located on the handle. This on/off button is for the brushroll for a convenient transition from cleaning your carpet to bare floors and vice versa.

Cordless convenience

With Hoover LINX vacuum, you can move effortlessly around the house with no more stopping or re-plugging the power cord. The unit has an interchangeable 18-volt Li On battery that runs a fade-free performance until it is fully drained. Its fuel gauge can give you clear indication with its remaining amount of battery sustenance. Other than that, the Energy Star battery charger furnishes quick and efficient full charge back up.

Extra features

A lot of vacuum cleaner reviews have comparatively evaluated the assets of vacuums, but LINX has the potential to outshine them all. This awesome vacuum cleaner is superior through its integrated and accessory tools. It includes

  • Wide-mouthed nozzle (11-inch-wide)
  • fantastic height adjustment that operates automatically
  • great edge-cleaning bristles designed for closer contact along corners and baseboards
  • Soft non-tarnishing rear wheels
  • reclining handle used for easy reach of furniture parts (with comfort-grip handle)
  • convenient low-profile base and upright
  • weighs 7-1/4 pounds (light in weight)
  • measures 11x8x42 inches
  • Two-year exclusive warranty including the charger and battery

The foremost Hoover Platinum series

Definitely, Hoover Platinum Series enables you to maximize a new stage of comfort while you clean. The complete collection features a sleek and modern-day design system, and as a revolutionary cleaning technology. This combination of two state-of-the-art conveniences—a bagless model signifies there is no need to frequently purchase replacements, and the cordless design simply means easy movement of the unit from place to place inside the house with no anxieties about cord hassle or re-plugging on outlets.

Product Pros

The Hoover Linx is one of the top rated hardwood floor vacuums in as its cordless model for cleaning hardwood floors, which makes it as an ideal vacuum for your kitchen with hardwood or tiled flooring. This vacuum comes with many positive reviews from its consumers and from other trusted review sites. Here are the advantages:

  • it cleans excellently
  • handle control- very friendly
  • charge indicator built with accuracy and usefulness
  • convenience in cleaning and emptying the dirt cup
  • filter is easy to rinse
  • capability to stand without any support
  • battery is adequately good
  • the concept of bagless simply means more work
  • absolutely a carpet-friendly device
  • outstanding edge-cleaning show-off
  • price is reasonable

Minor Drawbacks

I really say it’s only minor drawbacks because upon seeing the cleaning device you would expect that it will be superior to the previous offering. Taking into account on consumer’s reviews, these are the concerns of some customers.

  • no-stair handle which makes it awkward
  • power of the battery is a dissatisfaction


While going through a lot of research and reading other reviews from real consumers who bought the product, I discovered two areas where LINX Cordless Stick stands out: first, the convenience of use (the easy switch of brush roll on and off) and second, the cleaning capacity. No doubt, you have found a cleaning device to be proud of. I can recommend this product to those who are looking for the perfect partner in their cleaning chores.



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